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Young children who enroll in gymnastics as young as 18 months of age benefit both physically and psychologically.

At Gymnastics Inc, we teach skills that encourage rhythm and coordination, providing preschoolers with a strong sense of body awareness. Our preschool classes start at age three through five years old. Classes include ages 3-5 years. All classes are coed, planned to maximize fun and healthy play, while introducing all four gymnastic events. This physical activity will develop and improve your child's strength, flexibility and coordination, acting as a springboard for other sports later in life such as football, baseball, and cheerleading.


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2017-2018 Gymnastics Class Schedule



Mom, Dad & Me - Beginning when your child begins walking, this class is a great way to instill a love of movement for your young child. Involving your child in gymnastics at an early age can be an extremely rewarding experience. Along with an hour of fun and frolic, children are able to experience how their body moves, socialize with other children and enjoy the thrill of learning a new skill. Mom and Dad participate as our coaches introduce gymnastics to your child.

Preschool Gymnastics - Ages 3-5.  Teach children they can and  they will remember the lesson for life. Classes consist of playful gymnastics instruction including but not limited to running, climbing, jumping, sliding, singing, and fun! Classes include warm ups with weekly themes, obstacle courses, and an introductory of vault, bars, beam, and floor.