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The Sport of gymnastics, because of the complex progression of abilities and physical techniques required to master the different events, teaches perseverance, patience, and discipline beyond the realm of many sports. When a child participates in a gymnastics class, he/she is developing a wide variety of motor skills. A gymnast develops speed, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.

At Gymnastics Inc, we teach skills that encourage rhythm and coordination, providing preschoolers with a strong sense of body awareness. Our school aged classes start at age 5 t. We offer all-girl, and all-boy classes that provide gymnastic instruction on all gymnastics events. This physical activity will develop and improve your child's strength, flexibility and coordination, acting as a springboard for other sports later in life such as football, baseball, and cheerleading.

The most important benefit a child can gain from a well-rounded program like ours is to have fun and lots of it!


The Classes listed below require an evaluation.  Once the child is placed in a class designed for their skill level, an evaluation will then take place at the end of every session they complete.

Rollers - For the beginner gymnast with no recent gymnastics training.

Kippers - Advanced beginner gymnast who has successfully completed Rollers (beginning gymnastics).

Flippers - Designed for the intermediate gymnast who has successfully completed Kippers (advanced beginning)

Twisters - Designed for the advanced intermediate gymnast who has successfully completed Flippers (intermediate).

Boys Rec - Designed for school aged boys who would like to learn the basics of gymnastics, with an emphasis on tumbling.


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2017 Fall Gymnastics Class Schedule

2017 Summer Tumbling Class Schedule