Gymnastics Coaches

All team and recreational gymnastics coaches strive to share their love of gymnastics to all athletes that walk through our door. Our coaching staff is constantly participating in continuing their education in order to provide each child with the best, most up to date training possible. Fostering a kid-friendly environment, our coaches want every child’s life to be improved through the challenges and successes they find in both themselves and in our programs. ABOVE ALL, our gymnastics coaches want to instill self-confidence, strong character and fun memories that kids will carry with them BOTH in and outside of the Myrtle Beach gym.

Taylor Edwards
Gym Director & Head Competitive Team Coach

Katie Rick
Competitive & Recreational Coach

Dwight Smith
Tumbling & Competitive Team Coach

Christina Pudlo
Competitive Team Coach

Tori Edwards
Recreational, Developmental and Competitive Team Coach

Cindy Smith
Competitive Team Coach

Daniel Hawk
Tumbling & Competitive Team Coach

Teresa Johnson
Recreational Coach

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