Frequently Asked Gymnastics Questions

Below are a few gymnastics questions that we are asked on a frequent basis. If you do not find the answer you seek, please contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


Is there a registration fee for your recreational gymnastics and tumbling classes?

Nope! Just a registration form that needs to be filled out.


Do you guys offer any discounts?

We sure do. Any child in our AS program receives a 25% discount on any classes they sign up for. If a child signs up for a second class, she receives 25% off of that second class. Any sibling that also signs up for a class receives $15 off the price of our full session, or $5 off per month.


How long do your classes run?

Our classes run in 3 month sessions. You can pay for the full session up front for $250 (hour and a half classes)/ $200 (50 min classes) and save $10 OR you can pay $70 per month. Whatever payment plan works best for your family.


What are evaluations?

Evaluations take place at the end of our three month class sessions. Our kids are tested on what they have learned in their class. From there, they are either assigned to continue on in the class they are currently in or they move up to the next one based on their level of progression.


Should my daughter be on a pre-team or competitive team?

We believe whole-heartedly that gymnastics is a great sport in which to participate on a non-competitive basis, we also see a great benefit from girls having the opportunity to participate in a team environment if that is of interest to them.

Pre-team and Team are not for every gymnast. The training and workouts are very different from that of our recreational program. Those classes are focused on fun, fitness and skill development. Pre-team/Team is a big commitment. The practices focus on skill perfection, conditioning/strength training and routine building for competitions.

We pride ourselves on having a place in our program for every child and how they would like to participate in gymnastics.


What is the difference between your tumbling classes and gymnastics classes?

Our gymnastics classes focus on developing skill on all 4 events (vault, bars, beam and floor). Our Tumbling classes zoom in primarily on both flipping as well as conditioning and stretch that enables them to be stronger tumblers.

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